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Stuck with your IT Support?

Stuck with your IT Support?

I think most companies who outsource their IT will at some point come to the realisation that they aren't happy with their IT support company. It’s also human nature to feel that ‘the grass isn't always greener’ or ‘better the devil you know’…

Maybe you've even suffered one of the below:

• The relationship with the provider is a reactive one – something breaks, you pick up the phone, log the call and wait for it to be fixed…  

• The relationship has broken down – maybe the downtime, or the person you dealt with regularly has left leaving a void. Perhaps the supplier has not been able to fix issues, or at least explain what’s gone wrong.

• Growing pains, the supplier supporting you is not really in your space any more. Perhaps they have gotten too big and no longer understand what you want or more importantly what you need…

• You can’t understand what you are paying for… You get lots and lots of invoices but the description of the items don’t relate to what you think you agreed to.

Even after all of these the thought of changing IT Support companies may be your worst nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be like that. You can make the necessary steps to change your IT support company and have all of the things ready to make an informed choice. It’s pretty easy too.

So, this leads me to things you can do BEFORE you make a move which will make the whole process that much easier:

1. An asset register – This will clearly document what devices are connected to your network and allows potential IT support providers to give you costs.

2. Single point of contact  Make sure at least one person in your business is responsible for reporting problems and liaising with your IT Company. This helps when meeting with potential new providers as they can ask the ‘How would you deal with’ questions and compare it to your current provider.

3. Get your passwords  Ask your tech support company for a list of user names and passwords and store them in a safe place. Also, ask them to let you know every time they make a change and for a full up-to-date list as a fail-safe at least once a year.

4. Technology providers List  Most companies use quite a few technology suppliers. A full list of them and a recent bill is worth keeping to hand. This could be Web hosting, Telephony provider, Broadband provider etc…

5. How much support do you need?  Knowing how much support time you use is crucial to managing your costs. If you don’t have an up to date report ask your current provider for the figures. Then when negotiating with a new provider you will know exactly what you require. We give our clients a breakdown of time used in 15 minute units every month. Your provider should be able to do the same.

So, if you suffer one or all of the issues I've outlined and have made the decision to move to a different IT provider get in touch. We’ll show you what we have to offer and how a friendly and professional IT support provider can make your business life much easier.


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